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Our Beliefs

We are inspired by the approach to children’s learning used in the nurseries of Reggio Emilia, Italy, which are internationally famous for providing the very best in early years learning. In 1991, Time magazine reviewed early years approaches worldwide and named the Reggio approach as one of the best ways of supporting children's development. Today it continues to provide an extraordinary start to a life of learning, and to inspire teachers in many countries. We are on a journey to bring in some exciting experiences and concepts over the coming years to develop this approach.

We believe that each child, whether they are a small baby or an energetic pre-schooler is unique, imaginative, resourceful, competent and full of possibility. They learn by questioning the everyday world around them and express their thoughts, feelings and ideas in many ways. They understand the world and themselves through their social interaction with others.

We are committed to the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and so also give lots of opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in these areas.